Maximizing Security and Convenience: Bluetooth Access Control Benefits

When searching for the best access control solution, it’s important to consider how the system can enhance security, increase user convenience, and improve cost efficiency. A Bluetooth access control system has a plethora of benefits that meet these needs, providing a smart alternative to traditional systems. We’ll explore the significant advantages, including robust security protocols, seamless mobile integration, and substantial cost savings. Continue reading to see how switching to Bluetooth can transform access control for your entire property.

Key Takeaways

  • Bluetooth access control systems offer enhanced security through encryption protocols and minimal reliance on a network connection, eliminate the need for physical keys or cards (although it conveniently lets you use these as well), and allow you to effectively manage access with mobile devices.

  • These simple systems are cost-effective due to reduced hardware expenses and maintenance costs, with implementation options as low as $323 per door. This allows ease of scalability for properties of varying sizes.

  • Integration with visitor management systems, property management automation, and access control reporting improves building operations efficiency, guest tracking, and overall security.

Embracing the Advantages of Bluetooth Access Control

Illustration of a smartphone with a bluetooth symbol for access control

Bluetooth access control is becoming popular in the Proptech market due to several advantages. While other smart systems use a network to communicate to the doors, a Bluetooth system allows communication to go directly to the end users. Bluetooth technology is encrypted, making it harder to share or copy credentials. This improves security, simplifies access management, and provides exceptional convenience. They serve as an effective alternative to traditional physical keys, offering a contactless method of unlocking doors through the use of mobile devices.

Given the widespread use of smartphones, most people already own a Bluetooth-enabled device. A user simply needs their phone to receive their credentials to unlock doors or gates. And for the others who aren’t ready to use their phones, there are Bluetooth encrypted fobs that work with the system too. Such a system is also economical, as you’re able to manage operations through cloud-based access control panels.

Enhanced Security

Bluetooth access control offers an impressive array of security benefits:

  • Encryption protocols ensure confidentiality and integrity of data exchanged between devices

  • It’s much harder for unauthorized individuals to get in as they can’t easily copy access credentials

  • Because there’s no network required, residents or other users won’t be locked out if an issue with the network arises

Convenience and Flexibility

Convenience is at the heart of Bluetooth access control. By using mobile devices on these systems:

  • Users can get in simply with their phone, but still have the option of physical cards or keys

  • Authorized users gain the flexibility to easily access secured areas

  • Property managers can seamlessly grant credentials to the mobile device from the access control management portal

  • Offers overall convenient authentication and access

Contemporary Bluetooth access control systems can provide a variety of entry methods. Many allow access via mobile devices or fobs, accommodating diverse user preferences and scenarios. This adaptability enhances the system’s convenience and flexibility, making it a preferred choice for many multifamily properties, office buildings, fitness centers and more. We prefer to use our smartphones because of the convenient ways you can unlock a door.


Bluetooth access control systems excel in cost-effectiveness. They offer the following benefits:

  • Implementation of Bluetooth technology cuts down the need for physical hardware such as readers

  • No network is required, simplifying the installation process significantly

  • Scalable for properties of varying sizes as there’s no reliance on a central panel

Maintenance of such a system is also cost-effective compared to traditional access control systems. Due to its simplicity, the solution is also more affordable than alternatives. A Bluetooth access control system can cost as little as $323 per door with Entegrity Smart’s solution.

Traditional Cloud Access vs Entegrity Smart

Bluetooth Access Control Technologies

Bluetooth access control systems utilize advanced technologies like Bluetooth Door/Gate Controllers, Smart Locks and even Solar Kits. These technologies ensure secure and efficient access management by enabling communication between devices using minimal power over short distances.

Longer Battery Life with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a key component in access control systems. BLE technology is renowned for its low power consumption due to its strategic radio usage management and transmission of small data packets at low transfer speeds. What this means is Bluetooth devices function for extended durations on a single battery charge, enhancing their efficiency and reducing time spent replacing batteries.

Door/Gate Controllers and Smart Locks

Entegrity Smart’s Door/Gate Controllers and Smart Locks are designed to seamlessly integrate with mobile devices, providing easy access control. The technology allows authorized users to unlock doors even when there is no network.

The process for getting access to mobile credentials or “smartkeys” on a smartphone is simple:

  1. Install the VIZpin Smart App on the smartphone

  2. Create and account and verify your phone number via a unique SMS code

  3. Request access from the manager using a unique location ID and your smartkeys appear in the app

  4. A user’s smartphone communicates with the Bluetooth Door/Gate Controller or Smart Lock when nearby, and when the user taps “Open,” the security key is exchanged between the smartphone and the door’s reader

  5. The door unlocks in seconds

Mobile Credentials

Entegrity Smart's simple smartkeys (mobile credentials) on the VIZpin Smart App.

A smartkey (aka a mobile credential) in a Bluetooth access control system operates by establishing communication with the access reader when the device is in close proximity. It initiates a security key exchange with the reader, verifying the user’s device and prompting the lock to unlock. The use of mobile credentials therefore decreases the risk of loss or theft of keys or keycards while still allowing the flexibility to utilize both mobile credentials and physical fobs.

Integration Possibilities

Bluetooth access control systems offer numerous integration possibilities, including:

  • Visitor management

  • Activity record and data reporting features

  • Improved accessibility

  • Boosted management efficiency

  • Property management software

These integrations make Bluetooth access control a versatile solution for diverse needs.

Visitor Management

The integration of Bluetooth access control with visitor management solutions is a powerful combination that enhances guest access and tracking. A visitor management system is a software solution designed to identify guests, greet them upon arrival, alert the intended contact person, and oversee the entrance and exit of visitors. Entegrity Smart offers both a video intercom and VIZitor Access keypad solution for an affordable and seamless visitor management experience.

Having an all-in-one access control and visitor management solution simplifies building access, automates the sign-in process, reduces wait times, and increases security. It also tracks visitor access to specific areas, providing key data that can help enhance the overall visitor experience.

Proeprty Management Software

The marriage of property management software, such as Entrata or Gym Assistant with Bluetooth access control systems presents yet another powerful integration. Setting up new users and automating their access or removing access when they move out can be automated and streamlined, providing seamless building and property access to residents and other users.

This integration offers the following advantages:

  • Improved site security

  • Convenience of both physical and mobile credentials

  • Access to real-time data

  • Remote-control capabilities

  • Greater control over access to different areas

All these advantages lead to streamlined operations, making resident access a breeze.

Choosing the Right Bluetooth Access Control System

Selecting the appropriate Bluetooth access control system for your property or organization requires a comprehensive understanding of your security needs, meticulous comparison of available solutions, and the assurance of proper implementation and ongoing support.

The following subsections will guide you through each of these crucial stages, helping you to make an informed decision that meets your specific requirements.

Assessing Your Security Needs

Evaluating your organization’s security needs is an essential first step in selecting the appropriate Bluetooth access control system. Considerations should include risk assessment procedures, employee feedback, industry-specific security concerns, and the role and value of assets within the organization. It’s recommended to conduct a comprehensive security risk assessment at least once every two years to identify and catalogue information assets, identify threats and vulnerabilities, analyze internal controls, and determine the impact and likelihood of risks.

Different sectors may have varying security requirements. For instance, healthcare organizations may need additional security layers to safeguard sensitive data, while commercial organizations might require physical security measures such as video surveillance. Bluetooth access control systems can cater to these specific security needs, offering contactless and convenient access solutions for various security systems.

Comparing Access Control Solutions

Once your security needs are identified, the next step is to compare different access control solutions in the Proptech market. The cost of various solutions can have a significant effect on the overall investment and operational costs, so you’ll want a comprehensive cost comparison. If a solution is more expensive overall, try to identify the added value of such a cost. Sometimes a simpler solution is more fitting, as it’s easier to adopt, while still providing the essential Bluetooth technology that keeps the property secure.

Consider features and capabilities of each system, including:

  • Ease of use

  • Remote access capabilities

  • Customer support options

  • Scalability/ Flexibility

  • Integration abilities with various hardware

Recognizing that these aspects can vary between solutions will help you select the solution that best fits your needs.

Implementation and Support

Correct implementation and sustained support are key to the success of your chosen Bluetooth access control system. The deployment process involves several steps:

  1. Procuring and installing Bluetooth-enabled proximity readers

  2. Setting up authentication for Bluetooth devices

  3. Performing comprehensive system testing

  4. Informing users on how to use the new technology

After the system is implemented, continued support is of utmost importance. It ensures:

  • Prompt resolution of any issues with the access control system

  • Professional guidance for system maintenance, updates, or integration requirements as time progresses

  • Maintenance of Bluetooth-enabled readers

  • Verification of system compatibility with different mobile devices

  • Provision of consistent technical assistance to users

With the help of excellent supportive documentation and easy access to customer support, you can ensure a smooth and effective implementation of your Bluetooth access control system.


In summary, Bluetooth access control systems offer enhanced security, user convenience, and cost-effectiveness, making them a powerful solution for managing access to properties and organizations. With a range of technologies including Door/Gate Controllers, Smart Locks, and Solar Kits these systems facilitate secure and efficient access management. They can seamlessly integrate with visitor management systems and property management software, enhancing their functionality and efficiency. Choosing the right system involves assessing your security needs, comparing available solutions, and ensuring proper implementation and continued support. With these insights, you are now better equipped to embrace the advantages of Bluetooth access control and make an informed decision for your property.

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