How can you manage everyone who needs to get onto your property?

One thing all multifamily properties have in common is the wide variety of people coming and going from them. From the residents and staff to visitors and delivery workers, all have a unique need for how and when they can get onto the property. So how can it be done in a way that is safe and secure? With Entegrity Smart Property Systems, we have secure and reliable options for every type of user.

Property Managers

Every day, property managers are in and out of the leasing office, amenities, model units and even individual apartment units, so they need to have access to everything on the property when needed. Using the VIZpin Smart app to get them in and out of any door or gate on the property is fast and easy. With the flexibility of multiple roles, they can adjust access with the click of a button to update their smartphone app with the appropriate doors and gates. They no longer need to sort through large keychains to find the right key or worry about staff having physical keys that could be lost, copied or stolen.


Aside from property managers, residents have the most access to the property as they’re the ones living in the units and accessing amenities. Traditional key or key fob systems lessen the security of your property since keys can be shared or copied.

With Entegrity Smart’s Bluetooth solution, their phone is their key. Managers can ensure that each resident has access only to the unit they lease. Since people are unlikely to share their smartphones with others, property managers and residents can worry less about fraudulent activity.

Having a smartphone access system saves time as well, especially with turn. For move-ins, smartkeys can be set up in advance, anytime, anywhere. A resident doesn’t have to wait for a manager to show up onsite to grant them with physical keys. When a resident is ready to move out, a property manager can just as easily revoke their access with Entegrity Smart’s cloud management software.

Friends and Family

When residents have friends or family come to visit, they can use the Entegrity Smart Intercom App to let them in safely. Anywhere there’s a door/gate controller or a smart lock, a visitor can use the app to make a video call to the resident. The resident gets the call on their smartphone and clicks a button onscreen that unlocks that door or gate for their visitor. What makes this so convenient is the resident doesn’t have to be home to do this.

So, if someone has a visitor arrive earlier than expected and they’re not home, no problem. For ease of use, property managers can also provide a QR code linking to the app right at the door. This solution also tracks who authorizes entry each time as an activity record. No extra equipment needs to be installed and there’s no network required for the door for this solution. It’s all done through your phone!

Delivery People

Whether it’s an Uber Eats or an Amazon package, delivery people require temporary access. The best solution for delivery services is Entegrity Smart’s VIZitor Access Keypad, which can be installed with any door/gate controller on the property. With this one, the delivery person calls the resident when they arrive. The resident can then get a temporary code on their VIZpin SMART App to give to them. They can then use this code on the keypad to gain access.

Once the next smartphone user unlocks that door or gate, the code is no longer valid, maintaining that extra layer of security that the Bluetooth access control system provides. An activity record is saved with each use of this feature, too. This is perfect for those one-time access scenarios, as the delivery person doesn’t have any added obstacle of downloading apps or scanning QR codes.


Don’t forget about vendors whose access varies day-to-day. Especially with turn, there may be carpet cleaners, plumbers, electricians and others who need to get into those units to do repairs and freshen up before the next resident moves in. When vendors use the VIZpin Smart app – property managers can adjust their roles to the specific units they need to work on each day so there’s no check-in or key distribution. The vendor simply opens their app and has access to the units they need to work on that day. And with activity tracking – the property manager can quickly check to ensure the units have been accessed before heading out for an inspection of work.

There are many more scenarios and types of users, but with a variety of tools, apps and features – our solution can get them in the door. Contact us to learn more for your property!

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