Access Control for Modular Buildings

Easy and affordable keyless access control for modular spaces

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If you have a mobile office, construction trailer, modular office complex, portable classroom or other modular or prefab space and are still using an old fashioned lock and key:

  • – You have no idea who has a copy
  • – There is no way to issue or revoke a key remotely
  • – You can’t tell who used the key or when it was used
  • – To protect your people and assets, you have to change the locks when keys are lost or employees leave, which cost hundreds of dollars each time.

Electronic access control has always been an option. But until now, has always been expensive and complicated. A card reader system can cost in excess of $2,500/unit to install, plus the cards themselves and a network connection.

Easy Access Control for Prefabricated, Modular Buildings

We make access control affordable for modular spaces by offering battery-operated smart locks that don’t require a network connection. You control who gets in and when they can get in. Plus, it even keeps a record of all activity.

Our Smart Locks only takes a few minutes to install. Our cloud-based access solution is very easy to manage and there is no special training. Best of all, you grant and revoke access from anywhere… and it doesn’t need an internet connection!

Having trouble collecting payment on a unit? Now you’ve got options to get the attention of your customer and get quick results by temporarily disconnecting access until the issue is resolved.

Modular Access Control

Differentiate from your competition by offering electronic access control as a value-added product to your customers. You can easily move your system from unit to unit and it’s simple to setup and start using without any special training.

Need an All-in-One Solution?

We’ve got solutions that includes the door, hardware and electronic access control. We partner with BT Modular to offer pre-assembled door & frame with smart locks making it simple to install and easy to get started.

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