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Multifamily property owners and managers are continually looking to be more efficient in order to increase their NOI while also providing a safe environment for residents. Entegrity Smart is an affordable smartphone access control and visitor management system for apartments and other multifamily properties that increases property value, improves security & convenience, reduces operating costs, and directly improves NOI.

✓ For common areas: Entegrity Smart makes it easy for property managers to provide secure access for building entrances, parking, amenities, and more.

✓ For individual units: Our smart lock adds convenience to individual units.

✓ For visitor management: Our video intercom and temporary VIZitor Access Service gets visitors in the door quickly and easily.

Adding smart locks or Bluetooth door/gate controllers as your go-to multifamily door entry system is convenient and secure, both for tenants and property owners/managers.

Get your residents up and running with the new technology easily through our multifamily onboarding program.

Key Benefits For Multifamily Properties:

Convenient access control improves the experience for residents and property managers.

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