Access Control Trends in Multifamily Housing: Insights from NAA Apartmentalize 2024

The NAA Apartmentalize 2024 show has come to a close, leaving us with valuable insights into the latest trends shaping access control and visitor management in multifamily housing. With over 12,000 attendees converging to connect, share ideas, and explore solutions, the event provided a platform for property managers, owners, developers, and maintenance managers to discuss emerging technologies and best practices. Our team enjoyed every minute getting to connect with so many attendees at our booth and during networking sessions. Here’s a quick recap of what we found to be the top trends at the event this year:

1. Smart Locks: Enhancing Access Control with Keyless Entry

One of the standout trends from this year’s Apartmentalize was the increasing adoption of smart locks. These innovative systems offer enhanced control and monitoring of access, empowering property managers with remote management capabilities. Smart locks not only improve security by eliminating the need for traditional keys but also deliver a seamless experience for residents and property staff. Battery-operated smart locks garnered particular interest due to their reliability and affordability, providing a viable option for retrofitting properties without the need for costly renovations or complex wiring.

2. Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

A significant shift towards cloud-based access control systems was evident throughout the event. These systems provide scalability, easier management, and integration with other building management platforms. By leveraging the cloud, property managers can centrally manage access permissions, monitor activity in real-time, and quickly respond to security incidents or operational needs.

3. Smartphone Access Solutions

The growth of smartphone-enabled access solutions continues to transform the multifamily housing landscape. Residents and property managers alike benefit from the convenience of using smartphones as keys. Smartphone access solutions not only enhance security but also streamline operations by eliminating the logistical challenges associated with physical keys.

4. Data Analytics Driving Security and Efficiency

Data analytics emerged as a crucial tool for enhancing security measures and operational efficiency. By analyzing access patterns and usage data, property managers gain valuable insights into resident behavior and facility utilization. This data-driven approach enables proactive decision-making, optimization of resources, and improvement of overall operational workflows.

5. Enhanced Visitor Management Systems

Improved visitor management systems were another significant highlight at Apartmentalize 2024. Specifically, there was a notable demand for video intercom systems accessible via smartphones. This feature allows residents to enjoy unparalleled convenience, receiving real-time notifications regardless of their location. This seamless integration enhances the experience for both residents and visitors alike, ensuring smoother interactions and heightened security protocols. By leveraging video intercom technology through smartphones, property managers can provide residents with greater control over visitor access while maintaining a user-friendly interface that aligns with modern expectations of accessibility and security in multifamily housing environments.

6. Integration with Property Management Software

Seamless integration of access control systems with property management software such as Entrata or RealPage was highlighted as essential for improving operational efficiency and data management. Managers can streamline administrative tasks including automating resident onboarding and offboarding processes, managing access permissions more effectively, and generating comprehensive reports on facility usage and security incidents.


As multifamily housing continues to evolve, access control and visitor management technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing security, improving operational efficiency, and enriching resident experience. These insights gathered from NAA Apartmentalize 2024 underscore a clear trend towards smarter, more integrated solutions that prioritize both security and convenience. For property managers and owners looking to stay ahead in an increasingly digital landscape, embracing these emerging trends will be key to delivering exceptional living environments and operational excellence.

We’re excited to see how these trends will continue to shape the future of multifamily housing, driving innovation and setting new standards for access control and visitor management across the industry.