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Ensure the right individuals have access and unwanted visitors are kept out

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Your access control system should be simple to use and super secure. Traditional systems with keys, keycards and fobs aren’t cutting it anymore. Entegrity Smart’s full line of smartphone access control hardware and services provide a solution that’s both simple and secure.

Our cloud-based, Bluetooth-enabled access control solution provides secure and convenient access control that will attract new residents and improve long-term user satisfaction. With Entegrity Smart, your phone is your key. Grant and revoke access to anyone, anytime, anywhere. And our access control system increases operational efficiency, saving time and money. Read more about our access control solutions below and contact us to see what will work best for your property.


We’ve made access control simple. No more complicated installations or programming. From installing our battery-operated smart locks to setting up users to unlocking the door, you can be up and running in minutes without any special training.


Unlike keys, cards or pin numbers – smartphone credentials can’t be copied or shared. We have built-in fraud detection to ensure only the users you have authorized can get access. And no network means your system can’t be hacked – meaning no one can get to your sensitive data on your business network.

Easy to Use

We’ve made our solution easy to use – for managers and residents. Managers can easily find users and grant, revoke, or edit their access. Our cloud-based management tools can be used anytime, anywhere. Residents can unlock doors with just a push of a button, with all their smartkeys available in the VIZpin Smart App.

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We offer a full line of both hardware and services. Our smart locks are perfect for individual units and our door/gate controllers are great for entry gates, and lobby and amenity doors. And if you’re worried about an electrical source, we also offer a solar kit option. Explore our hardware and service options and discover what will work best for your property.

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