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Marinas have a responsibility for protecting boat owners, guests, and boats. Unauthorized people on the docks are a security threat and liability. Managers need to do everything they can to prevent theft, assaults, and vagrancy. And do it all without inconveniencing customers.

So, what are your choices?

Issuing physical keys to everyone isn’t practical. Keys are easily shared or lost and re-keying a marina security gate every time a key is missing is very expensive.

Keypads are another solution, but once the PIN # is out there, everyone has it so you have no idea who has accessed the boat dock gates.

Cardkey systems offer higher security than keypads but they are expensive, they require network connections, people still share card keys and now they can be easily cloned.

With Entegrity Smart, your phone is your key!

Eliminate the hassle of cards and fobs or manual key management and use smartphone access control for your marina. Dock managers can conveniently manage access rights for the entire marina from anywhere, anytime – freeing them up for other important tasks.

Our Solar Access Control Kit provides higher security in a convenient, affordable solution. You control what docks and amenities users can access and when. You can issue temporary Smartkeys to guests and workers and revoke them just as quickly. Best of all, with Entegrity Smart you can keep permanent records of who was on your dock and when.

Key Benefits for Marinas:

Solar Kit

The Solar Kit has everything you need to control the gate lock including a solar panel and battery backup and works with any 12VDC gate lock.

Solar Kit

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