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About Us

VIZpin Inc. started in 2007 as ECKey, a New Zealand-based Bluetooth technology company that enabled users to pair their smartphone with a device to unlock doors. In 2009, we developed an app that eliminated the need to previously pair with the device. Instead, when a visitor (VIZ) was near the device, the app would display a changing code (pin) that could be used to unlock the door – hence the name VIZpin.

Over the next several years we focused on improving the security, convenience, reliability and scalability and in 2016 when it was ready we rebranded our company as VIZpin. Since then, we have licensed our platform to small, private companies and multibillion-dollar public companies. We also built a complete line of access control and visitor management products for a wide range of commercial applications.

Today, VIZpin Inc. has two corporate divisions:

VIZpin: a patented data delivery platform to manage data and control devices and sensors over Bluetooth using a smartphone

Entegrity Smart: a complete line of access control and visitor management products

VIZpin Engine

The data delivery platform that powers 3rd party smart locks, smartphone credentials, card readers, access control equipment, data collection devices as well as our Entegrity Smart product line. The VIZpin engine is the result of more than 60 man-years of development. It has a complete set of APIs and SDKs for companies to build a wide range of products that can be controlled by smartphones.

Entegrity Smart

A complete line of access control and visitor management products for multifamily, student housing and a wide range of commercial applications. It includes:

  • – VP1 Bluetooth Door/Gate controller (2016) – the first Bluetooth controller managed remotely without network equipment
  • Smart Locks (2021) – the only smart lock with no exterior electronics
  • Video Intercom (2022) – a visitor management system that doesn’t need its own database

We pride ourselves as being easy to work with on all levels.

Easy to Buy

Hardware and services are much less expensive than other systems

Easy to Install

No network connection so our products are up and running in minutes

Easy to Manage

Training takes minutes and the system can be managed from anywhere without complex networks

Easy to Use

The app is super simple to register and superfast to unlock

VIZpin is privately held and based in Pennsylvania with multiple international development teams.