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Easily & affordably upgrade every door or gate on your property to a visitor management system

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A superior visitor management experience.

The Video Intercom Service lets you easily and affordably upgrade every door or gate on your multifamily property to a visitor management system. Now tenants can let their visitors, contractors and delivery people into gates, buildings, package rooms, and more.

Video Intercom Panel

While the Video Intercom Service doesn’t require additional hardware, you can add the Video Intercom Panel too, so visitors don’t need to use their smartphones. This vandal-resistant touchscreen intercom panel makes it easy for visitors to call a resident and gain access.

Simple. Smart. Secure.

The Video Intercom Service works with any VIZpin-enabled smart device, such as the Entegrity Smart Lock, Bluetooth Door/Gate Controller or Solar Kit. There’s no additional wiring or hardware. When you grant or revoke access with your access system, the Entegrity Smart Intercom is automatically updated so there is no need to manage separate systems.

How It Works

Step 1

Use the App or the Video Intercom Panel

Step 2

Look up the resident

Step 3

Visitor starts a video call with resident

Step 4

Resident lets them in with a push of a button. Anytime, from anywhere.

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