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Attract students with the latest technology and increase operational efficiencies with smartphone access control.

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Owners and managers of off campus student housing properties must stay up to date on student demands to stay competitive and increase their NOI. Entegrity Smart is an affordable smartphone access control system for off campus student housing properties that increases property value, improves efficiencies with turn, lockouts & move-in/ move-out procedures, enhances convenience, reduces operating costs, and directly improves NOI.

✓ For common areas: Entegrity Smart makes it easy for property managers to provide secure access for building entrances, study rooms, parking, amenities, and more.

✓ For individual units: Our smart lock extends this convenience to individual rented/leased units.

This battery-operated smart lock is an affordable way to add convenient security to individual rooms, and common areas. It fits into any standard door and installs in minutes.

✓ For visitor management: Our video intercom and temporary VIZitor Access Service gets visitors in the door quickly and easily.

Adding smart locks or Bluetooth door/gate controllers as your go-to student housing door entry system is more convenient and secure, both for student residents and community assistants/ property managers.

Key Benefits for Student Housing Properties:

Convenient access control attracts student residents and improves operational efficiencies.

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