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Send/revoke Smartkeys and monitor access from anywhere with an affordable self storage access system

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Your self-storage facility is too valuable to protect with keypads and PINs that are easily shared. Entegrity Smart offers a cloud-based access control system powered by VIZpin that you can use to send, revoke, and monitor electronic Smartkeys anytime from anywhere and control access at a fraction of the cost of traditional access systems.

Your phone is your key!

No need to scrape against the stanchions or roll down your window. Our 30 ft. (10M) Bluetooth adjustable read range lets you remain in the comfort of your car. Our solution easily integrates with your self-storage management software, so VIZpin electronic keys can be instantly revoked when a payment is missed and restored when they are paid up. We even have a solar-powered option!

Key Benefits For Self-Storage Facilities:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a wireless access control system for stores that would:

Open gates from the convenience of your car without having to roll down the window or open your door.

Relevant Case Studies

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