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Every day, there are visitors that need to get on a multifamily property or into specific buildings for one reason or another. From personal guests to deliveries, dog walkers to contractors – how do you ensure the right individuals gain access in a convenient and secure way? We offer affordable visitor management options to fit all of your needs.

With our visitor management solutions, residents can unlock any door or gate without having to go directly to the door. Video Intercom allows you to see who is at the door and remotely unlock it for them. VIZitor Access Service lets you give temporary access on demand to get someone in the door quickly and easily. All at an affordable price that can’t be beat. Check out our solutions below and reach out to us to see which solution may work best for your property.

VIZitor Access Service

VIZitor Access Service lets you grant temporary access to visitors, contractors and delivery people anytime, from anywhere. Perfect for gates, package rooms, amenities and common areas. Generate a temporary code from the VIZpin Smart App, or managers can get a visitor code from their account.

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Video Intercom

The video intercom is great for regular visitors like friends and family. Using the Entegrity Smart Intercom App, visitors can look up the resident they’re visiting, start a video call and, with the push of a button, the resident can let their visitor in. No additional equipment is required.

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Affordable Options

We have options to meet any budget.  From keyless entry with temporary access codes, to full-featured visitor management using video intercom, activity tracking and more, we’ve got the solution that’s right for your property. Contact us to find out which option would work best on your property.

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