VIZitor Access Service

Easily grant temporary access for visitors, deliveries and more

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Convenient for Guests and Managers

The VIZitor Access Service lets you grant temporary access to visitors, contractors and delivery people anytime, from anywhere.  Perfect for gates, package rooms, amenities and common areas. Manager gets a visitor code from their account, shares with the visitor, and the code unlocks the door.

No QR Codes or Apps Needed

No need to download an app or generate a QR code that can easily be shared. The visitor gets a unique temporary keypad code that is constantly changing.  It’s quick and easy even keeps an activity record of who gave out the pin number and when it was used.

How It Works

Step 1

Visitor calls when they’re at the door

Step 2

Resident/Manager looks up the visitor code

Step 3

Resident/Manager gives the visitor the code

Step 4

Visitor uses the code and an activity record is saved

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