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Office Access Control

Buildings and co-working spaces need an easy solution for office access control. Whether you have your own staff or manage multiple tenants, traditional locks, keypads or keycards/fobs can be time consuming and expensive. The Entegrity Smart Bluetooth access control system for offices lets employees use their phone as their key – no more worrying about cards, fobs, or remembering PIN numbers. Your phone does it all.

It’s easy to manage, while being secure, convenient, and affordable!

  • – You can quickly grant and revoke Smartkeys (virtual keys) to employees, tenants, and vendors
  • – Smartkeys can work 24/7 or on a set schedule. They can easily be revoked anytime, from anywhere.
  • – Best of all, you don’t need to connect our smart devices to your local network.

Whether you have 1 office or 1,000 commercial office properties… Entegrity Smart will work for you!

Key Benefits of Entegrity Smart Access Control for Commercial Office Spaces:

Have staff or tenants that need access to multiple buildings or spaces? No problem. While traditional access control solutions used to manage office tenants access across multiple facilities can be challenging, with Entegrity Smart you can build a secure, scalable system that’s as versatile as your environment. We offer property managers the flexibility to deploy high-quality, secure access solutions rapidly, easily, and cost effectively — and to manage it from anywhere you have internet access using our powerful cloud-based portal. Entegrity Smart increases commercial tenant satisfaction, while keeping operating costs low.

Manage office access control across multiple facilities with a scalable and versatile solution.

Uses include:

  • – Office building access control
  • – Co-working access control

Upgrading your existing access control system to enable Smartphone access doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to help – contact us.

Video Intercom lets you remotely unlock a door for visitors, deliveries and more!

The Entegrity Smart Intercom lets you easily and affordably upgrade any door or gate on your office space to a visitor management system. Now building managers and even tenants can let their visitors, contractors and delivery people into doors, and gates.

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