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Smart Buildings

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Easily schedule special events
Tennis Courts
Limit use to residents
Bike Storage
Every access is recorded
Fitness Center
Limit hours of use
Boat Docks
Improve safety
Dog Parks
Reduce liability
Public Restrooms
Improve security
Main Building Entrance/Intercom
Let visitors in from the app
Pool Gates
Prevent unwanted guests
Apartment Units
Ensure only residents have access
Parking Gates/Garages
No need to roll down the window
Tennis Courts
Building Entrance
Apartment Units
Pool Gates
Parking Gates/Garages
Bike Storage
Public Restrooms
Dog Parks
Boat Docks
Fitness Center

Ensure the right individuals have access and unwanted visitors are kept out.

Manage visitors and deliveries as well as control access for residents, contractors, and staff with an easy to use smartphone app. Stop worrying about networks – we don’t need one. Stop wasting time enrolling residents in multiple systems. Entegrity Smart does it all for you.

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Property Managers

Manage resident access anytime from anywhere


No cards, keys, codes or fobs


Improve NOI and reduce liability

Improve your NOI

Smart decisions that improve operations and resident satisfaction for multifamily properties

Property Value

Attract residents with the latest Smart Home Technology

Improve Convenience

All of your keys right on your smartphone


Smartkeys can’t be shared or copied so only residents have access

Operating Costs

Simple management with no special training

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