VIZpin Solar Kit: The Perfect Access Control Option Where It’s Difficult to Get Power or Network

VIZpin is not only more convenient, secure and affordable than traditional keycard and fob solutions, it’s also extremely easy to install. Basically, you need just three things: a door strike, power supply and the VIZpin reader. But what if you want all the benefits VIZpin has to offer, but you need to provide access in an area where it’s difficult – and expensive – to get power?

For those special access applications where power is limited or cost prohibitive, we developed the first ever solar-powered, cloud-based smartphone access control system. VIZpin’s Solar Kit is very easy to install and doesn’t require power. It can be managed from anywhere without needing a local network connection or modem and works with any iOS or Android smartphone. While there are many situations in which the Solar Kit is an ideal solution , here are four key application examples:

For pedestrian gates and pools at apartment complexes

For members or those leasing space at marinas
For self-storage gatesFor private airport gates

The VIZpin Solar Kit is self-contained in an environmental enclosure and comes with a gate/door controller and long-range Bluetooth Reader that works with any standard electric door strike or electric latch. In addition, the kit includes a solar panel, battery, charge controller and mounting hardware.

With VIZpin’s Solar Kit you can power a typical 12VDC lock or latch continuously on less than three hours of sun each day or for four days with no sunlight. The kit retails for $699 through VIZpin and VIZpin Certified Partners.

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