Why Key Cards & Key FOBs Are Outdated

The world’s tech market is a quickly growing and advancing industry. Products that were once thought to be high-tech and useful become something that is in a desperate need for an update. This is the case with many key card and key fob systems in the market. They certainly had benefits at one point in time as they were the step up from having to manually open a door, gate, or garage with a key. You didn’t have to change locks, you could give these cards to your employees, and they were easier to replace. However, as technology advances and keeping facilities secure becomes more and more critical, the concerns for key card readers are rising: 

  • The cards can be easily lost or stolen
  • The hardware can be easily broken and often needs to be updated or replaced
  • Employees may not return cards after they leave a company
  • Systems can be hacked or run into issues when encountering another card
  • Cost thousands of dollars
  • Complicated wiring and network vulnerability

With all these things taken into consideration, it’s no wonder that businesses are turning to a more modern, secure access control solution. VIZpin addresses all those factors above and offers a unique solution in the market that requires no network and delivers a cloud-based portal and smartphone app. The benefits of a smartphone access control system include: 

  • No network or WiFi required (protects your network)
  • Everything is controlled in the cloud (from any browser on laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc)
  • Reader is mounted on the secure side of the door (eliminates tampering and protects from elements)
  • Unlimited users, doors and activity history
  • Phone and app are protected by passwords
  • Half the price of most key card systems

VIZpin is constantly updating its technology to ensure the best product for end users. With smartphones continually advancing and developing new features, VIZpin makes sure to stay on top of the changing tech market. And because our solution is cloud-based, there’s no hardware exchange or wiring in to benefit from new enhancements – the new features are readily available in your cloud portal when we launch them. 

Sounds great… but thinking that switching from a key card system is a big transition?

VIZpin makes it easy with our affordable commercial smart lock and a separate Bluetooth access control reader solution that easily integrates with the existing door strike and power supply in most cases. With only four wires to connect, the installer can remove the previous hardware and connect the VIZpin reader in about a half hour. Or, if you want to retain card access and slowly transition to smartphone users – you can keep both readers in place as well. If you’ve been frustrated with the ongoing headaches of a traditional card access system, it’s time to talk with us and make the switch to VIZpin! Contact us for more details.