Top Three Reasons Your Marina Needs to Offer a Smartphone-based Access Solution

Marina security is important for both the property owner and the customer. What if there was a simple marina gate locking system that required no physical keys, keycards, or keypads that was easy to manage, didn’t require an internet connection, and had a solar-power option? In addition to being the access solution of choice for property owners and managers of apartment communities, commercial office spaces, daycare and fitness centers, VIZpin continues to become the chosen solution for a growing number of other markets, including marinas. In fact, our marina owner customers tell us that not only do their customers enjoy the convenience and security that VIZpin’s smartphone-based access control solution offers, but that they demand it.

Here are the top 3 reasons why marina owners say they choose VIZpin:

1. Customers demand personal security.

Long gone are the days when simple signs, fences or even video monitors were enough to make marina customers feel secure. Today’s customers demand effective security for themselves and their guests. They have also grown to expect an array of additional private amenities like showers, lockers, pools and tennis courts, all of which need to be protected from unauthorized access.

At the same time, those customers don’t want to be burdened with complicated security policies or to have to keep track of keys, keycards or PIN numbers. With VIZpin, marina owners can grant customers access to any number of – or all – areas of a marina just by having them download an app onto their smartphones.

2. Customers demand that their boats are kept safe.

Marina customers expect marina owners to keep their boats safe, whether they be fishing boats, pleasure craft or yachts. Unauthorized marina visitors pose a serious security threat – not to mention legal liability – for marina owners, and traditional access solutions are undeniably far from foolproof.

Today’s savvy marina customers are aware that keypad PIN numbers can be easily observed by or purposely shared with unauthorized guests, and that physical keys and cardkeys can be shared as well, not to mention misplaced. Customers using VIZpin, however, know that they would not share their smartphones, and rest assured that fellow marina customers would not either.

3. Customers expect modern technology on and off the water.

Marina electronics are advancing at a dizzying pace, and the latest technologies have transformed boaters’ communication, safety, navigation, sport and entertainment experiences on the water. When it’s become second nature for marina customers to use smartphone apps to do everything from navigation and weather tracking to storing digital boat licenses and accurately identifying the fish they catch, requiring them to remember PIN numbers or to carry physical keys or key cards to access a marina and its amenities seems downright old-fashioned.

See For Yourself

See how we help owners and property managers keep their marina dock security convenient and effective. To learn more about why your marina needs to offer VIZpin’s smartphone-based access solution, and how the VIZpin Solar Kit makes it easy and affordable to install it in areas where it’s challenging or expensive to install electrical service.