What VIZpin Clients are Saying: Typical Challenges and How VIZpin Solves Them

We often use our blog to share important information and updates about VIZpin, and sometimes to share general feedback we receive from our clients. We realize, however, that what is particularly valuable to our readers is exactly what VIZpin clients have to say. That’s why, in today’s post, we’re bringing you – straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say – the challenges that led clients to VIZpin and how our solution solved them. To learn more about the situations behind the quotes below, check out our client case studies.


“We didn’t have a good way of securing our building with the growing number of keys in circulation. We realized that as we quickly grew, keys had been lost, could have been duplicated, and that doors were sometimes not getting locked at the end of the day. It had gotten out of control, and knowing that [some areas of the building] would potentially need to be left unlocked all day long for 100 or more people without having someone to monitor it was worrisome.”

“We knew we needed a different solution for [the exterior doors] at each building. Key control was a significant problem, with keys continually getting lost or lost track of. Because we need to ensure security for the schools, lost key integrity was a constant nightmare.”

“Wanting to offer… the opportunity to enter our chapel at any time, we needed an access system that provided both safety and convenience. We didn’t want the administrative responsibilities and challenges of cards, keys or fobs, and we were also aware of the potential liability issues associated with having the chapel open 24 hours a day.”

“It was an unacceptable situation. If something were to happen to that old laptop (the only computer with the old software needed to control an outdated card/fob access solution), I would have had no way at all of controlling access.”

“[O]ver time, as our workforce grew from 15 to 100 or more, and we had employees and consultants who were no longer working [here], we weren’t sure who had keys anymore.

The VIZpin Solution

“VIZpin has given [us] the freedom to allow for a multitude of people to come and go as they like at any point of the day … while maintaining secure access control.”

“As soon as I saw it, it was a no-brainer. I immediately knew we could benefit from it.”

“One of the biggest benefits is the elimination of keys. We no longer [need] to worry about keys being lost, stolen or shared. In addition, we have the assurance of being able to know who is in our buildings at any given time should an issue arise, and can easily terminate access to any user, if necessary. And, we have an audit trail of all who enter the building during off hours.”