Add Smartphone Option to Your Existing Access Control Solution – Without a Monthly Service Fee

Maybe you have an existing card reader access solution and would like to begin transitioning users to a smartphone-based solution. Or, perhaps you have an old – or even new – card access control system that you’re happy with, but you’d like to offer your users the option of using their smartphones for access in addition to or instead of keycards.

With VIZpin vPROX Service, this is not only simple to do, but it also saves you money! In fact, VIZpin vProx transforms your smartphone into a secure 26-bit mobile credential for access control systems that can be used with any electronic card access control system, old or new.

How does it work? Mobile Credential Access ControllerSimply install VIZpin’s VP1 Bluetooth access control reader, (encrypted, works up to 30 feet away) on the secure side of the door (and away from vandals and bad weather), wiring it directly into your existing control panel. Users simply download the VIZpin SMART app and complete the registration. They will receive an SMS code to complete the process and verify their device. They then request access from the app using the Location ID.

Next, the administrator logs into the VIZpin cloud-based portal to grant access to the user and pull the auto-generated 26-bit card number associated with that user. They log into their existing access control software and create a new user with that 26-bit card number, just like you would if they pulled a card out of a box.

In other words, grant smartphone access just as you would with a physical card user.

Cloud-Based Access Control Software
Screenshot of VIZpin’s cloud-based access control software (click to zoom)

Once a user has access, they simply open the VIZpin SMART app and tap the key to unlock the door as they approach it. And, if an existing VIZpin user gets a new phone, they simply download the VIZpin app on it, log in as an existing user, and their Smartkeys are available for them just as before.

Begin offering your existing access control users the option to use their smartphones as their keys today!