VIZpin Enhances the Certified Installer Program

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – September 1, 2021 — VIZpin, manufacturer of the Entegrity Smart Lock, Bluetooth smart devices and Smartphone Credentials today announced the new features and enhancements for its Certified Installer Program.

Certified Partners purchase products and services directly from VIZpin, install them, provide post-sales support and invoice customers directly for the ongoing cloud services.  Many locksmiths, system integrators and low voltage contractors who are expert at installing systems have limited sales, post sales and billing resources.  Recognizing this, VIZpin created a program in 2018 that would let these companies profit from simply installing VIZpin systems and the associated access control hardware.

With the Certified Installer Program, VIZpin will help close deals in the territory through on-line demonstrations and direct sales support.  Once the sale is complete, VIZpin will set up the customer account, train them and provide a fully configured system to the Certified Installer.  The Certified Installer invoices the customer directly for installation labor, cabling and peripheral equipment like electric locks and power supplies.  Newly added to the program is once the system is approved by the customer, VIZpin will send the Certified Installer a check for each Entegrity Smart Lock or Bluetooth Door Controller installed.

There are no start-up fees to become a Certified Installer.  They simply must maintain the necessary licenses and insurances to install electric locks and low voltage systems in the areas they serve and complete the VIZpin on-line training at least once per year.

“We have a lot of great Certified Partners making money selling and installing VIZpin and have found an equally large group of companies that want to focus on selling and installing hardware” offered Paul Bodell, President and CEO of VIZpin.  “This program lets them make money from the installation without having to deal with sales, support and billing for services,” he adds. “It is also a great way to test-drive VIZpin, once they discover how easy VIZpin is to install and support, many decide to upgrade to a Certified Partner.”

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