VIZpin Brings Revolutionary Access Solution to Pizza Restaurant Industry

Smartphone-based Solution Can Save Time, Money and Improve Operations

LANCASTER, PA, February 13, 2019– This March, access control solution provider VIZpin will be exhibiting at the International Pizza Expo for the first time. The company is eager to share its innovative smartphone-based access solution with Pizza Restaurant industry professionals.  VIZpin has already been proven to save time and money, as well as improve operations, in the QSR and Retail markets.    

According to VIZpin President and CEO Paul Bodell, “It’s no secret that employee turnover is higher than ever, and if ex-employees can get back into your store, you have a serious liability.”  

He continues, “If you fail to quickly re-key doors when a manager leaves, they can get back in. If an ex-employee or vendor remembers the code and you don’t quickly change it, they can get back in. And even if you change the code, current employees can still share it with their ex-employees.”  

Frequent re-keying or re-coding of doors is expensive and time consuming for Pizza Restaurant owners and managers, and traditional keycard systems can be expensive and difficult to manage. VIZpin, which uses smartphone keys, is a secure, convenient and affordable solution. 

VIZpin allows restaurant owners and managers to quickly grant keys to and revoke keys from employees and vendors at any time, from anywhere. In addition, there is no need for a local network, which is crucial for compliance with many franchise’s Zero Trust Policy for devices using POS data networks. Keys can be scheduled to work 24/7 or only at specific times, and administrators can see exactly who is using the door, which keeps employees and vendors accountable. 

VIZpin is an ideal access solution option whether Pizza Restaurant owners are operating one store or a thousand. For more details, visit VIZpin at International Pizza Expo booth #1237 or contact VIZpin Director of Marketing Wendi Grinnell.