VIZpin Announces the Launch of Entegrity Smart Video Intercom

VIZpin today announced their new Entegrity Smart Video Intercom, the latest addition to their Entegrity Smart suite of products.

The Entegrity Smart Video Intercom lets you easily and affordably upgrade every door or gate on your property to a visitor management system by using the Entegrity Smart Intercom app. Now tenants can let their visitors, contractors and delivery people into gates, buildings, package rooms, even their individual units.

Traditional video intercom systems require expensive panels, networks and wiring at each door. They can also be difficult to manage and update. The Entegrity Smart Video Intercom works with any Entegrity Smart device including Smart Locks, Door/Gate Controllers and Solar Kits. When you grant or revoke access, your Entegrity Smart Video Intercom is automatically updated so you don’t have to manage separate systems.

Here is how it works: Visitors download the free Entegrity Smart Intercom app. When they are at the door or gate, they video-call the tenant who can let them in with a push of a button. Anytime, from anywhere. There are no codes to enter, or PIN numbers that can be shared. It also keeps a record of who let them in and when.

According to Paul Bodell, President and CEO of VIZpin, “Tenants and property managers often need to let visitors into more than just the front gate. A contractor or caregiver may need to get into individual buildings and units. Putting an intercom system on every door would be prohibitively expensive. Without it, someone has to go let them in which takes a lot of time…until now. The Entegrity Smart Video Intercom is an affordable solution for the entire property and doesn’t need additional wiring or hardware, it is a game changer.”

Entegrity Smart Video Intercom is available for FREE on one smart device until October 31st. Customers can visit to submit a request.