VIZpin Announces Partnership with Real Time Networks

LANCASTER, PA, September 26, 2019 – VIZpin, designer and manufacturer of the VIZpin smartphone-based, Bluetooth enabled access entry system, has announced a partnership with Real Time Networks to provide access to their Key and Asset Management systems using VIZpin Smartphone Credentials.

The VIZpin integration allows customers with AssetTracer and KeyTracer solutions to have employees authenticate themselves with their smartphones to sign out keys and equipment.  It also simplifies the process to give on-demand or temporary access to contractors, visitors and students. Using the VIZpin SMART app and Bluetooth reader/controllers, Real Time Network customers can instantly grant or revoke access to any of their systems and keep a record of who was there and when.

Paul Bodell, President and CEO of VIZpin said “We have a lot of interest from the markets that Real Time Networks is serving but the costs and challenge of adding VIZpin as an aftermarket product limited us. Now that we are fully integrated, the customer experience is seamless, convenient, secure and affordable.”

Mike French, CEO at Real Time Networks added “Adding VIZpin Smartphone Credentials to our systems adds a whole new level of security and convenience to managing temporary access in key markets for us like universities, office buildings and more.  It also offers a lot of flexibility and affordability to our unattended delivery customers”.

About VIZPin

VIZpin designs, manufactures and markets a complete access control solution that includes cloud-based management tools (ACaaS), low-cost Bluetooth controllers and smartphone apps. The VIZpin solution provides a secure, convenient and affordable way to unlock any device by using your phone as your key and your network. Visit to learn more.


About Real Time Networks

Since 1995, Real Time Networks has been a leading provider of security solutions for keys, assets, and people. Our solution line-up includes KeyTracer key control systems, fleet management, AssetTracer electronic lockers, emergency evacuation management and roll-call solutions.  Real Time Networks caters to the needs of thousands of clients in: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Gaming, Managing Fleets and Parking, Education, Hospitality, Government, Museums, Retail Loss Prevention, Sports, Healthcare, and Air Travel. From initial consultation and gap analysis, to custom installation, to on-site training, all the way to toll-free phone support and on-site support, Real Time Networks keeps your organization running safe, secure, and efficient. Visit to learn more.