The Top Benefits of Modern Access Entry Systems

Access control systems are among the most in-demand technologies nowadays — and for a good reason. According to Fortune Business Insights projections, the access control market could reach $20.02 billion by 2027.

These access entry systems control who gains entrance to an office or apartment building – ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed – these are also known as discretionary access control systems.

The gold standard in access entry many years ago had been the use of a deadbolt lock together with its brass key. However, the evolving technology and capabilities have had modern businesses and property managers demanding more.

What Is an Access Control System and How Does It Work?

Today, organizations want complete control over who gets to pass through their doors while also having a way to keep track and manage overall access. The physical keys that were once widely used have now relinquished their hold on many businesses today by passing the torch to cloud-based keyless entry systems and smart locks.

Using a keyless access control solution provides convenient and quick access for authorized personnel and denies entrance to unauthorized persons.

It’s no longer uncommon to see individuals using smartphone app to gain entry to secure locations. Properties today can use a cloud-based access control system to restrict access to amenities, secure rooms like offices and even individual units or suites.

In some buildings, exterior access doors are often managed by a landlord or remote management, while interior office door access can be controlled by the tenant.

Since the goal of these access entry systems is to manage who can access a rental property, apartment building, condo building, commercial gym, office building, etc., it is typically done by assigning specific access levels to tenants, employees, vendors, and members. Although each authorized individual may use their mobile access to get through the main security access door, not everyone can gain entry to specific areas containing privileged or secure data.

Now that you’ve learned what an access control system is about let’s take a look at the top benefits these keyless access entry systems have to offer.

Keyless access entry systems
A modern access entry system is a perfect solution to improve building security.

Benefit #1: Monitor All Activity

If we look at businesses, they usually stock valuable merchandise, assets, and other items within their designated facilities. Unfortunately, this also acts as a temptation for people who have access to the location.

For instance, there is a high risk of the property being stolen each day in pharmacies, laboratories, and clinics where pharmaceutical drugs and high-value equipment can be sold on the black market.

Using an access control system can help these establishments monitor who has accessed their facilities. The technology used can log each entry, allowing security staff to backtrack and review access data in case of incidents.

Similarly, in an apartment complex, knowing who has entered a specific amenity area during a particular time frame can be helpful when investigating any reports of damage or mis-use.

Benefit #2: Improved Security for Sensitive Data 

Theft of valuable merchandise and assets is a common concern for many facilities, so is the potential for a data breach to happen. Common physical breaches include insider leaks, theft of physical hard drives, and personal property. 

These breaches result in the loss of company data and the theft and misuse of personal employee information. This is one of the reasons why companies today should implement effective discretionary access control systems in areas where data servers are located.

Using the right system provides businesses with the ability to generate specific credentials for different levels of access control. A cloud-based mobile access control system can help guarantee the protection and security of both employee and business information.

Benefit #3: Improved Safety for Everyone in the Building

Having a keyless access control system increases the safety of workers whenever they are in the building. This means that they can be protected from potential harm caused by outsiders.

Keyless access entry systems can also be used to improve the safety of apartment rentals, condo ownership, and their tenants. Security access door locks can be used as a more secure way of keeping furniture, appliances, gadgets, and other valuables intact.

Moreover, systems that use mobile credentials, for example, add an additional layer of security since credentials cannot be shared or copied, unlike physical keys.

Benefit #4: Avoid the Hassle of Using Traditional Keys

As you already know, physical key systems can be problematic in effectively securing company premises.

For example, whenever an employee loses their key, you’ll need to provide them a new one, so they can regain entry to your office and resume work.

In most instances, particularly those in high-security locations, losing a key often means replacing all corresponding locks to avoid potential, unwanted access. However, this also means that companies will have to issue all of their employees with new keys — all because one of their colleagues misplaced or lost theirs.

With modern Bluetooth access control readers, keyless access, and smart locks, there’s no need to worry about losing a key card or fob. No need to replace all of the keys and locks anymore.

A robust access control system can help eliminate many of the issues that are normally associated with restricted access areas that use traditional keys. It also makes it easier for you and those around you to ensure that the area is always secure.

Choosing the Best Access Entry System for Your Organization

Protecting your office, employees, owners, and tenants is top priority. A modern access entry system is a perfect solution to improve building security, whether it’s with keyless access, or with a commercial door entry system.

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