Keeping Buildings Secure in the Wake of COVID-19

Business closures intended to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus bring with them the need for additional security measures. Having a smartphone cloud-based access system can help with two critical security concerns: getting people in when they need to and keeping people out when they shouldn’t be there.

Getting In
If your business is shuttering its doors for the next two weeks or even indefinitely, circumstances can arise in which you need to provide access to someone who simply has to get in, and who has to do so in a timely manner.

With a smartphone access system like VIZpin, if someone must get into your locked business, you can send them a virtual Smartkey quickly. You simply ask the visitor to download the app to their smartphone and request access. Then you grant them access –from anywhere you are at any time – and they can use their smartphone as their key. You even have options such as limiting their access down to a very short window (think minutes) and know exactly when they enter, and can revoke their access anytime from anywhere. Best part – no physical meeting or exchange of materials needed.

Keeping Out
If you do not have an access control system, when your non-essential business must close its doors, it’s impossible to ensure that employees who have keys won’t enter when they shouldn’t without physically collecting every key that’s in circulation.

If your business or facility has a keypad-based access system, you don’t have keys to gather, however, you do need to individually deactivate every code. If you have many active codes, you likely don’t know them all, so you need to access a list – and perhaps quickly. In addition, you must take the time to deactivate each code at the physical keypad.

With cloud-based smartphone systems, should your business need to close quickly, you can simply revoke access from all users from anywhere at any time. Then, when you get the greenlight to reopen your doors, you can easily and quickly grant access again, too.