How to Ensure A Smooth Onboarding Process with New PropTech

If you’re a property owner, developer or leasing manager, you likely recognize the importance of evolving with technology to keep your facilities secure and set yourself apart from the competition. A big way property owners and operators are continually improving their properties is through new property technology, or “PropTech.” One of the most in-demand PropTech is smartphone access control and for good reason. A smartphone-based access control and visitor management system can improve experiences for both residents and property managers. Benefits include improving convenience and security as well as reducing operating costs.

When considering enhancing your multifamily, student housing, or mixed-use property, you want to examine how to best implement new technology. Successful implementation of PropTech is not just about the buying and installation process. Adoption from residents is key. If you implement a new access solution such as a smart lock or video intercom, you will have residents, staff and vendors all using the new PropTech and questions are likely to arise. So how can one ensure successful adoption of such new PropTech?

Before you commit to purchasing a new PropTech, a good first step is looking at the manufacturer of the PropTech you’re considering. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do they have an onboarding program for a smooth transition?

Many companies offer their own onboarding program. These programs may feature assistance in communication plans, detailed user guides, and training for property managers. There are two useful features you’ll want to make sure they have: support materials and a dedicated representative.

Does the manufacturer offer support materials?

Having support materials such as email templates, user guides and how-to videos benefits both the property managers and the residents. It saves managers from having to create them, and from answering questions directly from residents. It also provides residents with easily accessible information when they need it.

Will you have a dedicated onboarding representative?

Some questions are best answered by asking a professional. With an ideal onboarding program, you will be assigned an onboarding representative who can answer questions, ensuring you’re never alone in this adoption process.

Once you’ve done your research and feel confident in your choice, it’s time to start onboarding your residents. Start as early as you can, before your new PropTech is installed.

Tell Residents Why:

First, tell residents why the new technologies are being implemented. You know PropTech will improve your ability to manage access and improve processes like move-in and move-out, aka “turn.” Make sure residents know why it’s important for them. For instance, some smartphone-based technologies, like Entegrity Smart’s Bluetooth System, improve security and convenience because credentials can’t be shared or copied, keeping the property safer for all.

Get Everyone Comfortable:

It is important to ensure residents understand how to use the technology. As the decision maker, you want to demo the PropTech before you buy. Some manufacturers offer a no-obligation test drive. Residents will appreciate it, too, and it will make your job much easier.

Property managers and leasing agents should train residents on the new technology so they’re comfortable with it before it’s on their unit doors. Ideally, make the training interactive. Schedule office hours when residents can stop by to learn more. Or, better yet, host a social hour where all the residents can meet to learn how the new PropTech works.

Effective Communications:

Communication is key! You don’t want to have any surprises, so consider a tiered rollout plan that involves all stakeholders impacted by the change. A good plan will familiarize residents with the PropTech and make the adoption process easier to manage. Knowing what people are asking will help to improve the next round of communication. Anticipating residents’ questions and having support from the manufacturer’s onboarding program really helps.

Give Residents Resources:

Residents need to feel confident as you roll out your new PropTech solution. Offering easily accessible resources such as how-to videos or documents, an FAQ list, and how to get their questions answered on their own will go a long way. The easier it is for residents to seek support, the smoother the adoption process will be (and fewer questions for you)!


The onboarding process doesn’t end with installation! Make sure to keep residents and staff up to date on any new features, shortcuts or useful tips that will improve their experience.

Do you still have questions? Request more information below. See the onboarding support that comes with Entegrity Smart’s line of PropTech.

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