Case Study: Fitt Life Fitness

Texas Gym Offers Secure 24/7 Access.

The Customer

Fitt Life Fitness is a private training gym located in League City, TX.

The Challenge

Fitt Life Fitness wanted to differentiate from other gyms and offer their customers more; however, owner Natasha Reyes did not need a comprehensive access control system. Reyes worried providing secure 24/7 access might be out of her price range.

“Fitt Life Fitness offers their customers a high level of service while maintaining the control – all within budget.”

Natasha Reyes

The Solution

Reyes received a demo of Entegrity Smart’s solution on Fitt Life’s front door and was impressed. Now, she can offer 24/7 access with no staff on premises, revoke or put memberships on hold, and set activation and deactivation dates with a few key strokes. Today, Reyes can offer her customers the level of service she wants while maintaining the control she needs—all within her budget.