Access Control Tips for Closing the Pool

As summer comes to an end it’s time to prepare to close the pool at your multifamily property, HOA or community center. There are some best practices when it comes to access control. Be sure to follow these tips.

Adjust Access

Whether your property has one smart device or multiple, the pool gate device must be adjusted for pool users to prevent unauthorized access while the pool is closed. With Entegrity Smart’s smartphone access control, this can be easily adjusted for everyone. If your property has multiple smart devices, simply edit the pool gate device to “none.” This removes the pool gate smartkey from the VIZpin Smart app for everyone who has it without disrupting access to other doors. The rest of those smart devices and users’ access to them stays the same. If the pool gate device is your property’s only smart device, edit the schedule for the pool gate role to a 15-minute window on one day. By doing this, all the users will stay in the system, so you don’t have to use more smartkeys to re-grant access next summer.

Device Power

You have the choice to either keep the pool’s smart device on during the off-seasons or to power down the device. We recommend powering off if the pool will be out of service for fall, winter, and spring. If you are keeping the device powered on, make sure someone with a valid smartkey unlocks and locks the smart device using the VIZpin Smart app regularly. This should be done a few times a week to ensure the device stays up to date to avoid lots of data staying in the system’s backlog.

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