VIZpin Raises the Bar for Smartphone Access Control

VIZpin, the market leader in Smartphone Access Control, has announced a major update to the VIZpin SMART app.  This update includes improved unlock times and new features such as Notifications and Widgets to deliver a fast, convenient at-door experience.

A major challenge with most smartphone access control systems and credentials is the time it takes to get in the door.  With some products it takes more than 10 seconds which is inconvenient and potentially dangerous.  With others, you have to rely on a local network or data connection at the door and if that is down, you are locked out.  Some manufacturers have attempted to improve the at-door experience by having customers install a device on the outside of the building that had to be touched.  These devices present a security risk and since Covid 19, a health risk.

VIZpin Smartkeys© can now unlock doors from several feet away 10x faster than other available solutions. The new VIZpin SMART app includes pop-up notifications and lock-screen widgets users can click on to unlock the door without having to open the app.

“VIZpin has always focused on delivering the best at-door experience and the new VIZpin SMART app takes convenience and security to a whole different level” said Paul Bodell, President and CEO of VIZpin, “our new VIZpin Smartkeys are faster, more secure and more convenient than anything in the market and we are just getting started.”

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