VIZpin Introduces New and Improved vPROX Readers

VIZpin, the pioneer in Bluetooth smartphone credentials today announced the next generation of vPROX Long-range Access Control Readers and Smartphone Credentials. vPROX readers are easy to install and work all new and existing access control systems. They work alongside your existing readers making it easy and affordable to migrate from keycards and FOBs to smartphone access control. Best of all, vPROX smartphone credentials are easy to manage and there is no annual fee.

“Other companies are charging as much as $6 per credential per year. That adds up to $30 for the typical user which is ten times more than a cardkey.” offered Paul Bodell, President and CEO of VIZpin. “We also heard complaints about how difficult the other guys made it to manage their smartphone credentials and how complicated the readers were to install”. He continues “so we made sure vPROX credentials were extremely secure, cost less than a cardkey and that the readers that were very easy to install.”

vPROX smartphone credentials are the most secure in the industry. They use sophisticated encryption that is constantly changing so they can’t be easily copied like keycards and FOBs. The reader’s 30’ (10M) read range is perfect for challenging installations like gates or when you want to mount them in a secure area, away from vandals, hackers and the elements.

Wendi Grinnell
VIZpin Inc.
+1 717-466-2045