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A complete line of battery-operated smart locks that work with our Smartkeys, Cloud-based Access Management tools and the Entegrity Smart Video Intercom app.

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Motorized Deadbolt

KMS-VZ<br>Motorized Deadbolt

Heavy duty deadbolt designed for quick installation. Built-in Bluetooth functionality and optional key override.

Exit Device

6300 Series<br>Exit Device

 Use for wide stile single door applications or for double door applications with a mullion. Available in 6 finishes and various trim options.

Interconnected Lock

CLS-VZ<br>Interconnected Lock

Standard lever handle and a deadbolt linked together for simultaneous action. Available in 5 lever styles and 4 finishes.

Exit Device Trim

6WS-VZ<br>Exit Trim Device

Use with 6300 Series wide stile devices. Available in 6 lever styles and 7 finishes. Optional key override.

Mortise Lock

MRS-VZ<br>Mortise Lock

Designed to withstand the toughest applications with premium quality and durability. 10 lever styles and 8 finishes available.

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