First-in Feature is an Extra Gift During Holiday Season

The First-in feature is available with VIZpin PLUS service – which provides secure access and convenience at retailers, office buildings, warehouses and more year-round – is a special gift during the busy holiday season.

The First-in feature is common in retail, office or any place that wants its doors to be open to the public set hours each day.  It can also used when an organization has a special event or meeting. How does it work? By default, the VIZpin Smartphone Access Control system will automatically keep all of the doors and gates on your property locked and secure. However, let’s say you want your doors to be open for anyone to enter Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at an office location.  A First-in schedule is set on the VIZpin reader using our cloud-based portal. Once the schedule has been applied to the reader, the first person with a valid VIZpin smartphone key (or FOB) who triggers the reader each day on or after the open time unlocks the door. The door then remains open until the set close time.  It will then automatically lock at the designated closing time.

And, at this most wonderful time of the year, the first-in feature is especially celebrated by VIZpin administrators.

During these hectic few weeks, when office hours get adjusted for parties and special events, offices are often closed early or on certain days to give employees much deserved time off to spend with family and friends. When this happens, VIZpin administrators don’t need to worry about constantly changing access hours on the readers. With VIZpin’s First-in feature, users can quickly override and lock the doors by simply tapping a button through the app as everyone heads out early for a holiday happy hour.

To see for yourself how easy it is, check out our first-in feature video.

*First-in unlock feature requires a door strike rated for continuous duty.