5 Reasons to be Thankful for Smartphone Access Control

Thanksgiving presents a time for reflection on what you are thankful for. If you’re like most, family, friends and health quickly come to mind. But have you ever stopped to consider your smartphone access control?

When you think about it, having smartphone access control provides plenty to be thankful for. Here are five simple reasons to give thanks:

  1. No more forgetting your keycard or fob. You can probably count on one hand the number of times in the past year you’ve forgotten to take your cell phone with you. And, even if you did, you probably quickly returned home to get it.
  2. No more pressure or guilt about sharing. You know the feeling when your coworker forgets their card and asks to borrow yours. You’re torn between following the rules (you’ve been told by HR since day one to never share it) and being the good guy (you want to trust your coworker and know that he would let you borrow his card if the tables were turned). When your key is on your phone, however, chances are slim that anyone will ask to borrow it while they go out to lunch, and even slimmer that you’ll agree to it. With smartphone access control, everyone stays in compliance.
  3. Being able to grant access from anywhere. Convenience is king. Imagine just as you’re returning from your 4 a.m. Black Friday shopping trip you get a call that a new cleaning service employee needs to get into the office while it’s closed to shampoo the carpets. Rather than having to wearily drag yourself into the office, you can simply log in from any browser and take care of it and then rest easy during your post shopping nap.
  4. Saving Money. Smartphone credentials are significantly less expensive than traditional keycards or fobs. Cards can cost from three to five dollars apiece plus shipping. But your smartphone keys can cost you less than half that price. Plus they’re in your account and available immediately whenever you need them.
  5. Saving Time. With a cloud-based smartphone access control system, administration is simple and fast. And with tools like ROLES, Activity History, and Location ID – you can control and manage access with just a few clicks.

The VIZpin family wishes you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We hope that you have an abundance of things to be thankful for this season.